Scholarship Tax Credits

Below is a note (edited from its original 2020 form to reflect 2021 dates) from the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization. Read on to learn how your tax liability can be used to support students at 91st Psalm Christian School. Thank you for your support!

Happy New Year! We hope this email finds you well. We are excited to share some very interesting research with you.

ACSTO is a member of the Arizona School Tuition Organization Association (ASTOA). In fact, ACSTO has been a very active member since ASTOA began in 2003 and has always held a position on their Executive Board. Recently, ASTOA commissioned a white paper titled, “How the Arizona School Tuition Organization Tax Credits Save the State Money.” This report, prepared by attorney Deborah Sheasby, a researcher and an honors graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, is a quality study and concludes that the tuition tax credit program provides a tremendous financial savings to Arizona.

Key Points:

  1. The tax credit scholarship program allows tens of thousands of students to attend private schools, a savings to the state of at least $34.6 million, and potentially upwards of $285 million per year, compared to the cost of educating those students in public school.
  2. Additionally, 60-70% of families receiving scholarships have a household income below 185% of the federal reduced price lunch income guidelines.
  3. The significant savings to the state of Arizona and the expansion of educational choices for Arizona K-12 students due to the scholarship tax credits are truly a win-win.

We invite you to read the paper in its entirety. The evidence is clear – scholarship tax credits are a good thing for students and for the state of Arizona’s budget. We thank you for your support over the years. Without this wonderful program, many students would never have been able to attend a Christian School. If you have not yet donated to ACSTO for 2021, we invite you to take advantage of the April 15 relate back. There is still time to donate and claim your dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your 2021 tax return. Please remember you need to donate by April 15 or before you file your 2021 taxes, whichever comes first. You may donate online at or contact our office to donate over the phone at 480.820.0403.


Steven B. Yarbrough
Executive Director, ACSTO

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