Student Life





Service Projects

Our classrooms offer a small student to teacher ratio, helping many students to consistently perform above grade level during Stanford 10 national testing. This environment produces hearts devoted to Jesus Christ, directing them to serve Him in their home, churches and society.

Teacher’s Aide

High School students are provided the opportunity to assist in the elementary classrooms during their study hall periods.

Physical Education

Presidential Fitness Challenge for all 1st grade through 6th grade students. Students push themselves to continually improve the amount of Curl-Ups and Pull-Ups they can do. They also participate in a timed ¼ mile, ½ mile, full mile and shuttle run. Students are tested and encouraged to improve their flexibility during the challenge.

Junior Achievement Biztown

All 5th & 6th grade students participate in this day long event.  Students are prepared for several months with applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs, and training for specific jobs in order to “run a city” for the day.  Our students join with students from other schools to run a radio station, bank, food court, shopping plaza, television station, etc.  They learn how to run the business and pay bills and then receive pay at the end of the day that they can spend in the city.

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